Friday, January 29, 2010

My computer specs and Oscar

I sat here wondering what on earth I could put up in the way of a sketch and sitting infront of me were my computer specs, which of course means I am wearing my normal glasses to do this, which is a bit foolish as the focal length is not as good as the others.
My normal glasses are a bit more with it than these ones, I recycled an old pair of frames.
Then last night there was Oscar reclining in "his" chair looking for all the world like an old gentleman at this club. He likes this chair and often watches the tv from it.
No sketch a photo is easier.
I am being barked at by dogs who want to be fed, they are getting older and want their meals earlier all the time.
Had a lovely walk along the beach this morning, if you go to my other blog you will read about it.
To nights haiku is another by Basho, not really relevant to anything.
Having spoken ill
my lips now
feel the cold of
autumn's fatal wind.

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