Monday, January 04, 2010

Pots in the garden

10 minute sketch of some of my ever increasing number of pots. I love pots and having them in the garden when I cant get out and do much more is lovely.
I am going to have a moan, so dont read on if it worries you!
I am having increasing problems with hip, back and knee and cant get into the doctor and the physio is also booked out for a few days. To top it all off I now have a boil at the top of my leg so where walking before was painful now it is not fun. I know all these things will go away eventually so as I have not made any New Year resolutions, perhaps I should resolve to be more positive in future.
There I have done it so no more moans for a while, I hope!
I have the Melbourne family here and for a big house it now seems very crowded with children and clothes and people but it is lovely having them.
I have decided to get a few of the rest of the family together for a barbecue tomorrow night, so 17 plus 2 babies, only salads to make so it shouldnt be too difficult.
the haiku tonight is by Ransetsu.
New Year dawning clear...
Cheerful sparrows
all day like people.

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Rinkly Rimes said...

A quick sketch can sometimes say more than a photograph since it crystalises the moment.