Saturday, January 09, 2010

Blue wrens

The first photo is of a card by Nicholas Pike who lives on Kangaroo Island and does lovely paintings and cards of the Island birds.
I have blue wrens all over my garden, they are tiny and we call them the flying mice, but they are so quick they are impossible to draw or for my little camera to take their photos, so I have tried drawing them from various of his cards.
I think I am just trying to get into my head their shape. The Island wrens have longer tails than mine probably a genetic difference from being on the Island for so long.
I once had a cat who used to sit looking down at the wrens as they came to eat from his cat bowl, probably more the insects than the cat food but he obviously realised that they didnt make much of a meal and was not in the least bit interested.
I have several families living around the house, all with their own territories.
I can hear their tiny squeeks now as they look for insects.
We went in to the market this morning and then out to Tabby to see Celina and Millie as I now have Will and Evie here as their parents went home early this morning.
Tab rang not long ago to say some one had lit a fire by the side of the road just up from her and it had got into her front paddock, luckily there was no wind or she might have been in trouble with just her Millie and young Celina home. Some one had obviously seen it and called the CFS who were there before she knew about it.
As she said, when it is as hot as this you stay indoors and she was moving Millie into another room so was busy inside.
You really do wonder what motivates people.
Tonight I am thinking of cold, so this Haiku by Ransetsu may fill the bill, then again maybe he was thinking of something other than snow.
In stony moonlight
hills and fields
on every side
white and bald as eggs.


Kathy said...

What adorable little birds! The wrens here in Maryland (USA) are a bit larger than yours and rather plump. They are brown with tails that stick almost straight up. Very friendly and curious little creatures. One year, a wren nested in a hanging basket just outside my back door.

With temperatures here below freezing, it's hard to imagine being as hot as what you are experiencing. Even in our summer, we only get into the 90s (Farenheit).

Kathy (from Kate's ARC swap)

Wanda said...

We have Carolina wrens here...I love their perky personalities, always hopping around with their jaunty tails straight up, they spend the night on our porch!

ArtPropelled said...

The Blue Wrens are beautiful!
We have the same problem here with people lighting fires on farmlands and forests. I wonder if they hide close by to watch.

annie said...

Good for you--Wrens are too quick for me to sketch.

My Mom had a little wren house in her back yard in Connecticut and she would phone me each year when the male arrived to set up the house. It was such a laugh. The male would work long and hard to impress her while the female sat there until things suited her. Then she would go inside and throw everything out and start in again to decorate.

日月神教-向左使 said...