Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bull rushes

I walked this morning over to the dam and sketched a few of the bull rushes that are growing there.
We really dont like them in the dams as they tend to extend out into the water and send down their roots and so make room for less water.
I also cleaned the house and did a lot of washing, feel very tired but at least I can feel I can do things with a clean house. I dont know why I have this fixation, I can go for a week without cleaning but more than that and my mother is over my shoulder telling me there is dust and I need to be a good little housewife.
To tell the truth I hate cleaning but know it has to be done.
I didnt go to the horse show I should have gone to today, I did not look after my grand and great grand children. I told them all I was too tired, which I was but then that demon on the shoulder got to me.
I am glad I stayed home because now although tired I dont ache as much as I would have and nor do I feel as guilty as I have for not cleaning.
Oh Heavens lets get off this boring subject.
My Haiku tonight is by Yayu
When Spring is gone, none
will grumpily
as these chirping frogs.

I just love the grumpily grumble bit, oh and Will found a small toadlet in our toilet while he was here, none of us know how it could possibly have got there, yes the water comes from a spring but it also goes through a pressure pump.
It was rescued and put in the fish pond.


Wanda said...

Hi one who always babysat neices, nephews and then grandchildren, there comes a time when we value our free time, though we love all the same, we need downtime ourselves to reflect in quiet. Never feel guilty for saying No.
I once found a dead dehydrated toad in my house, and I keep a clean house, but it's still a mystery from where that toad came! But, I imagine one of my grandkids!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes Penny, I have that gremlin who pops up and sits on my shoulder (or writes in the dust with its finger) - but when I have cleaned and polished then I can create things with a clear conscience. Wish I could leave the work, but I am somehow programmed to get on with it.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

The critical mother over the shoulder is a hard one, but I rejected it years ago. You only clean a house to be healthy, so try to cut back a bit Penny eh? I take off my spectacles and it all looks fine!
Nice drawing of bullrushes.

ArtPropelled said...

I don't hear my mother over my shoulder but rather a tribe of inlaws. If anything will coax me to do some cleaning its the thought of what my inlaws would think.

日月神教-向左使 said...