Sunday, January 03, 2010

They were sailing in the Bay this morning

So out came the sketchbook, I am not at all good with sails and boats and these were all racing so moving and changing direction at a pretty fast rate so if you sail, I am sorry if these dont look quite right.
We walked and then had a coffee and of course the town was very busy so cars went past just as I thought I had caught something correctly and by the time I looked again it had all changed.
The joys of sketching outside.
The Melbourne family are arriving sometime this afternoon so the beds are made and I have been flat out trying to get everything organised.
Of course I am not, organised that is.
I think the cold may be hay fever, I am not sure but it is not as bad as yesterday or perhaps I have just got off lightly.
Apparently we have another foal, I havent had time to go out and see it, a filly and very nice so I am told, this is by the wretch of a colt who got in with the fillies last year so now we will have to dna him and get him adult registered, more expense but if the filly is good enough all should be well.
There had been a lot of talk about a blue moon, here in Australia we dont get ours until March something to do with the timing.
My Haiku for tonight is by Saikaku
Some poor villages
lack fresh fish
or flowers...
All can share this moon.


ArtPropelled said...

Love the haiku! Nothing wrong with your boats, Penny. I'm learning that perfection doesn't neccessarily improve art. How wonderful to be surrounded by horses, foaling at the drop of a hat. I really miss my horses especially today.

Dubois said...

I love your sails and a great feeling of moving across water! It is more snowy here this morning.