Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blurry sea scape

I have been having a lot of trouble with my 'bad' eye, everything has been blurry out of it so today I went to see my optometrist who tells me that there is a lot of thickening around the prosthesis they put in when I had a hole in the retina and it was repaired. The other eye is developing a cataract as well.
Oh joy!The soonest I can get into my eye specialist is the 18th of May. They may be able to do something with a laser apparently but until I see him I wont know.
So no wonder a lot of my stuff has been rather blurry and this little sea scape is a bit how I feel.
I wasnt a terribly happy person today, I can still drive but I have to say I am not terribly confident about it.
To top it off it has been very hot and humid, just the weather I dont really like.
The good side was a kiss and a cuddle with small Mason this morning, he is a beautiful child and loves a snuggle.
The computer has also been playing up and has either been terribly slow or non existent so I couldnt even lose myself on that.
So here is a haiku that probably puts it all into perspective, by Sodo.
Unmoved, the melons
don't seem to recall
one drop
of last night's downpour.


Wanda said...

Having to wait 4 months seems so unreasonable to me...sorry, just be careful, even while walking, Penny. You could name your sketch, Through the Mist!
Take care,

Dubois said...

It is a lovely sketch. I hope you are soon better with your eye. Perhaps you could see the specialist sooner if you ask.

Candy said...

Could the optometrist put in a word for you with the specialist? That's such a long time to wait. Wanda's right, please be very careful.

As usual, the sketch is very nice!