Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tree in snow

While watching a report on tv of the snowfalls in the UK a reporter was standing near a lovely composition of bare branches and snow so this is my sketch.
I must say that I think a lot of this is getting out of hand, one doesnt mind a bit of snow but for the amount that has fallen in some parts it really can be as life threatening as the heat can be here.
Today we walked the beach early and I really havent done much except tidy up after the family, wash dishes and do washing and battle the flies that every time some one goes outside they let in.
John has a swatter and it has been working overtime. They are nasty sticky little things that are also biting.
I did try to get a bit of a Holey Moley sandwich for the layers section done and I have to say that I am not doing much better now than I did when I first did sandwiches, and my new/very old Bernina didnt like me today when I tried to do some free motion with it so I have left it all alone for the moment.
Joso wrote this Haiku.
Snow whispering down
all day long,
earth has vanished
leaving only the sky.


Wanda said...

I enjoyed Joso's Haiku, especially this morning...we have a snowstorm blowing in later and we are already white fom a previous one!

Dubois said...

Today we are snowed in and I cannot get to work. It is nice in some ways to have a snowy winter, like winters should be, but the transport problems are not so good. I like your tree! You will no doubt see more snow scenes from the UK on your televisions tonight.