Monday, February 01, 2010

Dreaming of distant lands

Although having looked at this on the computer I think the turrets are going to fall on me if I actually went to Istanbul!
From a post card the children sent me last year.
A walk on the beach a meeting and some washing done.
Such is a house wife's lot, although the walk on the beach was a special bonus, we were ferrying cars to the repairer and decided we needed a walk, windy and cool but almost deserted, so different to during the school holidays.
I am patron of our local Women' s and Children's auxiliary and we have a very enthusiastic lot at the moment, looks like a lot of fund raising in the future, they made $10,000 profit on a fashion parade they ran while I was away last year.
The haiku tonight is by Buson.
Hazy morning:
as in a painting
of a dream
the people passing.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I have to say Penny that I have been to Istanbul and they really do look as though they are going to fall over when viewed from the Bosphorous. A lovely little sketch.

layers said...

love the haiku-- your sketches are wonderful. I see that you are the Year of the Rabbit-- all my friends are also and I always wanted that year myself-- but I am the plodding, stubborn Ox and this is the year I went to Kyoto Japan. loved it and I plan to return during the Year of the Rabbit 2011.

Ann said...

Glad you decided to share your sketches on EDM! This is a wonderful drawing and I like your watercolors below too.

Karin Bartimole said...

I like your turrets and their character - they seem to be alive and reaching, and they say way more than perfectly straight perpendicular lines could! Congratulations on the successful fund raising for your auxiliary.