Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another floral fantasy

This has been sitting on my easel for a few days while I played with it. I felt like doing something simple and bright and fun and had a spare piece of paper sitting near by, so it is watercolour with some watercolour pencils used to add a bit of definition in places.
I am afraid my glass vase hasnt shown up very well in the scan.
John went fishing today and came home with lots of fish and a squid, yumm for tomorrow night, here Sunday night is always a vegetarian pasta. Using at this time of the year fresh tomatoes, basil and chillies. I have done well this year with three lots of basil in large pots, bought over a period of time they have kept us well supplied. The tomatoes havent been so good and the chillies took their time but there are now lovely hot long ones on the bush in one pot, short fiery ones in another pot and slower long ones in the third pot.
I have terrible trouble with rabbits and peacocks so a lot of the special veg are planted in pots very close to the back door where they get lots of sun, watered and fertilised and I can see if anything thinks they want to eat them.
I have half cleaned the house, the rest I will do tomorrow as I decided to go in and walk along the bicycle track and wait until the fellows came in with their fish, thank goodness for mobile phones as I could keep track of them.
This haiku is by Soseki and it was a bit warm and sticky today.
I might feel cooler
If I were the
Emperor of rocks
in the sea.

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Wanda said...

Such a summery looking vase of flowers, Penny. Last year the squirrels started stealing our green tomatoes, first time in 20 years, don't know why they would start doing such a thing.