Monday, March 08, 2010

Wet and windy

I walked up the to the top of the hill behind the house this morning, I havent been up there for ages as my knee hasnt felt stable enough but I put on my rubber boots and wet weather gear and walked.
I am a bit worried about my camera as it was saying I had a malfunction with the lens but it did finally close properly. The photos are on my other blog here.
John went off to Goolwa beach cockling and came back very wet and cold, I had thought I might have gone but am glad I didnt.
Instead I have got some washing done and sorted out a few bits of textile stuff to get on with. It seemed so funny not to have anything to stitch.
Today is a holiday, for of all things a wretched horse race, I feel sorry for all those girls who go in for the fashion on the field and hope they wore something warm.
Tomorrow is my elder sisters birthday so we are going to Adelaide and will see Mummy and have hair cuts and take my sister out for lunch. I am afraid we cant take our mother out, she just isnt up to it any more.
Basho has a lovely way with words.
How I would like
to wash the world's dust
with these dewdrops!


Wanda said...

Penny, I love this Haiku by Basho.
I'm off to look at your photos! ♥

Richard King said...

Nice work you have here Penny. I must sit down and do some myself or at least attempt it.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

This is lovely too. I have to say I love the way you end your posts Haiku. Very nice!