Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Gelatin prints

I have been having a lot of fun with these, perhaps I could have an exhibition!! These are two layers, with a base coat and some subjects and then when dry another coat with things slightly differently aligned. It is great fun and has been such a simple thing to do.
I must draw up and explore some more shapes.
I do like my bird, I have terrible trouble drawing birds and he just flowed off my pencil.
We have had a pretty slack day today, well in terms of doing a lot, John has been working in the office and I have been playing with these and doing a bit of necessary washing.
Two late nights in a row are a bit much for us these days! Last night we went to the wrap up of our State election with our local member who won his seat back which is great as his opposition was looking to be a bit of a worry. All those who had helped in any way were invited back to his families house to see what the results would be, I spent a lot of time helping in the food area.
Our lot dont look as if they will get back in unfortunately but with any luck the big swing away from the others will make them just a bit less arrogant.
I have had hoses on all day, it is still so dry in parts, well most of the garden. Still no real rain in sight although I can hear the tree frogs and crickets carrying on, but I think that is where I have watered.
Thanks to those who have commented, especially about the Haiku, I think I found thirty ways to write about the frog in the old pond. Japanese is so complex that some things are only an idea and that is very hard to translate.
Here is another one of Basho's.
Bush clover in blossom
without spilling
a drop of dew.


PamelaB said...

Congratulations I think you are on to a winner here they are so original

virginia said...

Dear Pen,

I don't know whether you got my last comment. I've been busy filling in this google account for quite a while. Maybe it's worked, anyway, I think your gelatine prints are fabulous and you should carry on and make this your métier.

Much love, also to John,


Dubois said...

These prints are great, and I love the colours.

ArtPropelled said...

You're on a roll! I'm really amazed at what you are doing with the gelatin print technique.

Julie Oakley said...

penny these are really gorgeous - absolutely fabulous

日月神教-向左使 said...