Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gelatin prints

I have been exploring ways to make prints without the use of a press and although I have known about gelatin prints for a while I have never got around to making some. I know that technically these are not sketches, but I did have to sketch the bird and cut it out as with the moon but the other is a grass from the garden.
At 70 I find that there are all sorts of things that are taught now in schools in art that I have never heard of and these are another of my new found delights.
I am going to try some on cloth as well but today I just had fun playing and trying to work out what actually worked.
Such a simple process and with not a lot of messing around.
These were done with acrylic paint and then a wash of watercolour.
Today we were up bright and early, after last nights late (for us) night, it was a good dinner and John made a brilliant and witty speech, our dinner companions were nice to talk to and my worry about small talk didnt happen. The fact that I have known most of them all my married life helped!
So in this morning for John to do his duty at the polling booth and I went to the market and had a lovely time chatting to friends, did my voting and went for a walk back to get the papers, the newsagent doesnt seem to open before 9 on Saturday morning, so silly when the market starts at 8.
Finally collected John and we have done very little ever since, one of those days I feel guilty about but love when they happen.
In my search for haiku I find some of the translations a little strange at times. Here is another by Basho but somehow it doesnt do as much for me as some of the other translations.
Even leaves don't move,
is the summer grove


ArtPropelled said...

The gelatin prints have worked out so well. I'm impressed. Who would have thought!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

An anxiety about small talk is made worse when there is a lot of noise, such as a band playing in the room. I was trying to talk with a Chinese student above the noise of musicians and I could hardly hear at all. Also I find it hard to eat and talk at the same time and sometimes almost choke when there's food going on and people want to engage in a conversation!