Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am still trying to draw the perfect chook, this big burly rooster caught my eye and he looks quite interesting but the hen looks a bit odd.
It is cold and overcast and we have had a small amount of drizzle, not really enough to wet the ground.
Still we have had about 20 mm all up in the last few days which is better than nothing but I notice that John is not expecting any more as the large lump of wood that holds the gutter level has been taken away.
We are expecting some day soon that the new gutters will be put up, but one never holds ones breath about these things, all tradesmen like big jobs not little ones.
John has had to go back to Adelaide for a meeting, yesterday we had hair cuts and saw my mother and took my sister out for lunch so a busy time in Adelaide. I am having a much slower day although I did go over to see Tab and Millie and drop off some shoes, lots of earth works there trying to flatten an area to ride in, looks big enough for a house site but it isnt.
I bought a lovely book today an embroidery one by Effie Mitrofanis, I love what she does but not sure I can do it, but there are some lovely ideas in it and I love silk and organza so we will see, a small book might slowly be done.
I am following the blog of a friends son who is in Japan with his wife and he is on a pilgrimage around Shikoku visiting all the temples on his bike so this Haiku by Miura Chora is apt.
Mountain temple,
image of Buddha entering nirvana.
No one comes to pay homage.