Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Old age and beauty

Having seen my mother today, and she was wandering off into the mists of forgetfulness and then back and that is not my mother there, not the one I remember with the beautiful house, wearing the smartest clothes and always with wonderful flowers in her house. This is a shell and even she cant remember this. Deep within there still is beauty but it is hard to find.
I wasnt going to post this doodle but some how it says I think what I want to say.
After that I had to put up the photo of the Bluff and Wright Island in Encounter Bay on a sunny still morning, a view I love and hope to be able to see long into the future.
We have these little plovers running on the shore and this Haiku is by Mukai Kyorai.

Rocks on the shore.
Lots of little plovers
run nimbly.


PamelaB said...

Your doodle is very beautiful full of feeling

Hashi said...

It is tough to see our mothers go.

Candy said...

Penny, I think about aging a lot. Some of it is wonderful, but some of it is so sad. Your doodle is perfect.

I love plovers.

Hugs to you and your beautiful mom.

Wanda said...

The doodle speaks well of your feelings, Penny. The closed eyes represent her inability to remember, but the heart of her is still there...

ArtPropelled said...

Penny I so understand. My mom was such an amazing woman and my best friend. In her last year she became someone I could barely recognize. Old age isn't for sissies thats for sure.
The view of Encounter Bay is lovely isn't it. I love the simplicity of this Haiku.