Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Leaf play

I quite obviously lead a very dull life when all I can manage to put up is this.
Actually I quite like it but I did not spend hours doing it.
Today I spent hours trying to find a hole punch, didnt find it.
An address, still cant find it.
Numbering and pricing stuff to sell at the Show in April and trying to get all numbers etc on what I had for sale.
I still have a few things to finish off but have nearly 50 things for sale so that is good, I am not pricing high which probably isnt so good, but if I sell it will all be a help.
The dogs are fed
The cat is fed and trying to go outside, but he is not allowed to.
I must go and organise our dinner, at least John doesnt have an early meeting tonight so we are not in a hurry for that.
With autumn being here officially, although here in southern Australia it really doesnt happen until much later, this Haiku by Issho reminds me of autumn in Japan.

Eyes, you have seen all...
Come back now,
come back to the white


Wanda said...

I see hints of a feather in your 'leaf play' drawing, Penny.

As you head into autumn, we are heading into spring.

Caroline said...

Love it, I am seeing Zentangles...
Just stoppin bye to say hi!

ArtPropelled said...

I like the leaf doodle too, Penny. Considering your beautiful farm and the the lovely beaches near by, I could do with some of your "dull" life.
50 pieces to sell .... that's not bad! Its quite good to keep the prices low so you can sell out ..... just think of the books you can buy :-)