Wednesday, March 03, 2010


After seeing my mother and taking her flowers, she is back in a wheel chair again, and chatting to her delightful podiatrist who came while I was there John took me up to the exhibition of baskets at Urrbrae House which when I last knew it about 50 years ago was the home of friends of my father Jim Melville and his wife who actually lived there, now it is part of the Waite campus and has various uses.
To day there was a lovely exhibition of baskets and other basketry things on and as I once made a few baskets and I would like to get back into making a couple it was great to go to. I bought a wonderful book too, which is on my other blog so I can remember what plants to use, the joy of this book is that they use local materials which I have easy access to.
We visited a couple more exhibitions, but I think maybe my idea of art is a bit too high these days and I was disappointed.
I have fed the chooks, cat and dog and watered the pots, quite warm again today and now all I have to do is feed us, something simple as I feel so tired.
My haiku tonight is again by Basho.
After bells had rung
and were silent...
Flowers chimed
a peal of fragrance.

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