Monday, March 15, 2010

More floral play

John suggested that this could be wallpaper! the brain isnt functioning very well, it is hot and sticky and I thought we had finished with that, perhaps eventually autumn will come.
I feel good, the joints dont ache,but oh heck now an itch on my scalp, John suggested ringworm, I am off to see a doctor tomorrow, in a hurry!
We had a magnificent walk this morning, calm seas and reflections again, a brilliant dinner of fresh fish and fresh beans followed by cheese and a glass of white, probably shouldnt have the cheese (or the wine but one has to have a few pleasures), but slowly, oh so slowly the weight is going down.
The house is clean, some washing done, bread made and the pots are watered, the animals fed and watered and the new little red hen is settling in.
What more can one want? ( A new Haiku book!)
Here is one by Kyorai.
Chanting and humming
gongs immerse
the green valley
in cool waves of air.