Friday, March 19, 2010


I did this print using a meat tray and a pencil as I was trying to get a fish skeleton. Not brilliant but it worked well enough and I should remember to use this more often. I have been researching various ways of printing without a press. I have some gelatine hardening in my frig at the moment so I will have a play with that tomorrow.
I am trying to print eventually on fabric but will have to get some more fabric medium before I go much further with this.
Dont ask me what I will eventually do with all of this, I think it is mostly so that I get some idea of how it all works.
A much cooler day and we have had a bit of rain, could do with more but what we got and the cooler weather will be a help. My sedums and garlic chives are still delighting me in the front garden.
John and I are going off to an old school dinner tonight (his) and he is again handing out how to vote cards for the election tomorrow. I will be so glad when this election is over and unfortunately I think the same boring faces will get back in.
My car has gone with the children as they are going over to Wirrina for a sporting games week end with ponies and children. I think I am glad it is not me.
John and I walked again this morning an ever changing collection of sights, sea weed and on this part by the Inman River mouth shells.
I have still been doing a bit of research on Haiku and found this one by Issa that I can relate to!
Don't worry, spiders,
I keep house


margaret said...

Love that haiku! It calls for a print to go with it....

annie said...

Yes, I agree with Margaret.

As for not knowing where this printing is headed, I don't think we do know attheintuitive/creative stage-- a place of hunches and nudges and yearnings that let us flow toward nameless seas. If the printed directions pop into it too soon (and for me they do too often) then it freezes the flow and I block.


ArtPropelled said...

Penny the meat tray print has worked out wonderfully! Very effective. The haiku is delightful.