Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bright flower doodle

Something short and fast, done with pen and inktense pencils.
This morning we went over to Parsons Beach for a walk, only to discover that the beach which normally has perhaps a couple of surfers and a fisherman, if that, on it had a full blown surf carnival on. We still walked from one end to the other and it was quite fun watching the surfers.
I even zipped one boys wet suit up as he seemed to be having a lot of trouble. I am glad in our day of diving we zipped up in the front not the back.
This was to see how my knee held up, ok except I made an undignified entrance to the beach by slipping on a rock I didnt see, but again, helped up by a nice young man who had Living the Dream
tattooed on his back.
Off to an 18th birthday party tonight.
This Haiku is by Shiki.
How far the skylark soars
a cloud-mountain
breathing-in sun-mist!


Dubois said...

Sounds like a nice walk and I am very envious. It is hard for me to imagine all those surfers and sea and sunshine. Here it is drab and cold and dull and I am getting fed up with all the layers of clothes I am having to wear to keep warm.

Wanda said...

That outing was both productive and fun, you sketched a nice drawing and received help from a nice young man! Glad he was there to be of help!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

What fun! A carnival, a party and a cheeful drawing. Life must be good!