Friday, March 26, 2010

Yesterday and this morning

The sketch I did while waiting in the eye specialists rooms. I have to report that I was in and out quite quickly and that my eye had the laser treatment on it and I can now see without a murky film in the way. It was quick, painless and incredible.
I did have 'floaters' the size of blow flies occasionally and had problems getting home with the light so was pleased to get home and collapse in a heap.
I am so glad that it all seems to have been successful and thank you all to those who asked how it was.
Yesterday I also got something special from Robyn Gordon in South Africa, but I will do more on that tomorrow.
All I can say is that I am a very lucky person.
This morning before shopping we walked near Kent Reserve and the yacht was back at its moorings, it hasnt been there for a while so with the wonderful light of the morning sun behind it I had to take a photo.
Out again tonight, so I am taking things a little slowly at the moment.
It feels as if we should get a thunderstorm but perhaps it is wishful thinking and we certainly dont want the sort that Perth got a few days ago.
My Haiku today is by Joso.
In a wayside shrine,
a hungry owl
hoots and hides,
so bright is the moon.


annie said...

Like the sketch, Penny, and as I said on the other blog, so glad that the laser business was quick and so effective.

Dubois said...

Lasers are incredible. Good that it all was so good for you!

Coastcard said...

How lovely to visit Australia (where my grandfather was born) via Weaver's blog! I loved your sketch, and hope your eye is doing well. Greetings from Wales, UK.