Thursday, March 04, 2010


I feel rather as though I would like to take flight with this bird.
Sketched rather hurriedly this afternoon after feeling that I was not going to get anything done.
I am having problems getting together the long metal legs for the second tall bird, it is pretty typical that the first one goes well and the second one doesnt.
It has got hotter, I cant water where I would like to as the springs are not running fast enough yet, they have promised rain again but I think it is slowly disappearing.
I think on the whole I really dont like this end of summer, it is so dry, so dusty so boring!
I have just finished reading Shadow Dawn by Chris Claremont and George Lucas, some how I missed this series, I picked this copy of the book up in Penneshaw for a couple of dollars, I dont think I need to read the first book but would like to get hold of the last one so am now on the look out for it.
I have been a bit slow with my reading lately as I have stayed up late watching the Olympics and hand stitching.
I have two books with Haiku in them, it is interesting how the ones in the later book called Haiku Inspirations are written with three lines and yet the older book, which I much prefer called haiku Harvest, Series 4 has them written with four lines. When I have a bit of extra cash I will try and buy a couple more of these, I have looked on Amazon to see what they have. Not expensive in themselves but the postage is a lot more sometimes than the book.
Basho wrote this one.
Summer grass:
that's all that remains
of warrior's dreams.


ArtPropelled said...

I love, love, love this bird!

The haiku book I have and dip into quite often is The Little Treasury of Haiku, translated by Peter Beilenson.

(Basho, Buson, Issa, Sokan, Kikaku and others)

Caroline said...

So love the drawing!
Thanks for your kind words!
the olympics were great!
I got far behind on my work too!
however, there is always something that needs doing!

Dubois said...

I like this bird drawing.