Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sand dune vegetation

We have had a bit of rain, some places have had a lot but we managed about 6 mm and there are still odd spots and rumbles of thunder around, we may get more tomorrow.
Yesterday we went out for lunch and as we left Pt Willunga the wind came in and the heavens opened, we managed to be in front of it for most of the drive home, and then it stopped!
A lovely lunch and an enjoyable day that began with a trip to the farmers market and then a walk along the beach.
Today we walked from Petrel's Cove along the cliff tops to the beach and although it threatened rain it was very pleasant.
This is a rather scribbly drawing of the plants on the sand dune at the base of the cliff. Knobby club rush and euphorbia with a few bits of marrum grass.
We came back feeling a bit cold, it has been a funny sort of day and had pancakes for lunch, a bit wicked for some one who is supposed to be on a diet and of course Sunday night is always pasta, especially as we have fresh tomatoes and basil. More walking tomorrow I think.
If you look on my other blog here you will see some photos of that walk, I was trying to get some texture in my photos as that is the next stage of our on line Holey Moley club.
Another rather enigmatic Haiku by Basho.
How art begins:
a rice planting song
in the deep interior.

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