Monday, March 29, 2010

Not a painting, a doodle

I havent been able to get back to painting lately, no inclination, although I am doing lots of other things so my odd and fanciful doodle will have to do. John thinks I am trying to send him crazy as looking at it seems to have an odd effect.
I walked a beach this morning, I put away magazines and tidied a bit, I found a quilt I had been looking for and I have made some knickers and a dress for the bunny who looks a bit like a cross dog. I will hand stitch tonight and finish it.
I am going to have a very busy few days and am not sure when I will get back to this blog, so look for me on the other one here.
We have just finalised holiday dates and with the Textile Forum in Ballarat in less than a week, I will be busy. In fact I wont be home for much of April, I will have some computer time I think but not a lot. I intend to work hard and party well at Ballarat and probably sleep and enjoy good company when we get to Queensland, we will call in to Melbourne for a couple of nights to see the grand children and go to the quilt show.
The dog is telling me he wants to be fed, the cat seems to think he should go out but it is too early for him to do that yet, there are still birds around. He is only out for about an hour at the most.
We had a lovely rain, not much but better than we thought and the soil is a bit damp and it is quite cool at the moment, although I believe it will warm up over Easter.
This sounds a bit short and scrappy but I am tired and have a bit of a headache, so I hope you will forgive this rather disjointed post.
Here is Buson's haiku.
When the autumn wind
scatters peonies,
a few
petals fall in pairs.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Hi Penny - nice to be back now that my back is (hopefully) on the mend.
I agree about that doodle - if you stare at it it seems to move - bet it took patience to complete though.
Enjoy your time away.

annie said...

I agree with Weaver, it DOES seem to move, that tricky doodle!!I just love it, Penny. One of my favorites.
Have a great trip.