Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Remains on the old working jetty

John and I walked over to Granite Island this morning and I stopped for a few moments and sketched some of the old pylons and wooden and rusted bolts that were on the edge of the rock wall of what is known as the old working jetty.
We had a lovely walk, we havent been over there for ages, mostly because in the summer it is full of tourists and we didnt walk the beaches this morning because they were full of school groups on camps.
We didnt have a lot of time as we both had busy days planned but needed to get the mail and the papers.
I dusted and mopped and tidied and put away and thank goodness John did the vacuuming, so although he is going to be here while I am in Victoria at least it will be clean until I get home.
Of course I still havent organised my stuff for my class or thought about clothes, and I wont be doing that tomorrow as I will go to town to see my mother while John attacks more paper work, poor man he seems to do nothing but see where what money we have is going, and who he can pay! At least the cows are now calving so more milk will be coming in, it certainly sounds like autumn with bellowing calves early in the morning.
The haiku tonight is by Shiki. I love it, it sounds so peaceful.
Beyond the temple
and the garden lanterns,
afloat and asleep.

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