Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Artist's Notebook Project

I know a lot are participating in the U.S. sketchbook project but this one is an Australian one, organised by Glenys Mann at Fibre Arts Australia. I cant get a direct link but google it.
As this is local I thought I would give it a try.
My book arrived the other day and I have been playing in it.
I decided not to have a theme, just go for it and felt that I would like some where to put some of the things I have been playing with, so as the latest has been lino cuts that is what I have started with, as well as a few of my Indian print blocks.
We will see how we go, the next is to cover it.
I had a play last night with one of my favorite things, little houses and village streets. Pen and then inktense pencils.
The sun has peeped through occasionally today, as well as a few showers, it is so nice to see the sun.
I have hauled out a poetry book I havent looked at for ages called Voices, this is the first one I dont have the other two, it was published in 1968, the year my youngest child was born and is edited by Geoffrey Summerfield. It has some lovely black and white illustrations and all sorts of gems like this one, which is traditional but I am not sure from where! North England perhaps?


Millery, millery, dusty poll,
How many zacks has thee astole?
Vour and twenty an' a peck,
Hang the miller up by's neck.


Julie said...

Well, I sure do seem to love everything you do! Your little houses are so neat...and love your prints as always! Funny poem!!!

Do you pass this sketchbook around from one artist to the next? I am going there now to have a look at the project!

Mlle Paradis said...

Hi Penny! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice note at Passage Paradis. I'm enjoying visiting your spaces and places too. It looks like a very nice part of the world where you're at! I'm thinking of participating in a sketchbook project too. Looking forward to comparing notes!