Sunday, August 08, 2010

Crazy cockatoo

This is the big white cockatoo who has been coming to eat the wheat and other seed I put out for the peacocks and other birds. He sits in the tree and screams at me.
No time to play with Gina's stuff today but I will I am still researching and probably will be for most of the week.
A Haiku by Issa, this is another from Voices1 and has a heading.
In the House

At the butterflies
the caged bird gazes,
just watch its eyes!

I find it interesting how different translators translate Japanese.


Heather said...

Hello Penny - thanks for visiting my blog. We've had a lovely summer this year and I'm reluctant to part with it, but autumn is definitely on the way. Enjoy your spring and hybernate when it gets too hot,if you can. Love the haiku and your sketch.

Julie said...

What a sweet sketch, Penny! I love all your sketches! I need to share some of the haiku from the book my friend gave me that had belonged to her Mom. There is a lot of Basho in it! This haiku is a great one for your sketch. Have a wonderful Sunday! (maybe it is still Sunday there...not sure)!!!