Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yesterday's lesson

This hasnt photographed very well and the scan was worse but the flowers were very pale. Not really finished yet but better than I thought.
I have hauled out some books and am going to go through some exercises if I have time. I need to hold the brush differently and use it in a way I am not used to but I know will make things better.
Poppies on cloth on my other blog today.
A bit of a slow day today as I spent a couple of hours in the garden this morning and then we were going for a walk but my knee is not liking me so I wandered down through the orchard where my grand daughter was doing a photo shoot and looked at a few ponies.
It looked as if I had fairies in the orchard as the girls were in their ballet costumes. Isabelle is doing photography in her last year at school.
John found this poem he really liked in last weeks Week end Australian. It reminded us so much of both our children at that age and our grand children.
It is by Michelle Dicinoski and is called;

Milk Teeth
Three year old Sophia leans into danger
like a sailor picks a fight. She swings
through mornings with a candy swagger and
stumbles home at night with her skin inked blue
from where she's assaulted the world.
Something in this child makes you think
she might be spared fear her whole life.
This afternoon in Woolworths she's
all liquored up on milk-tooth bravado
and rolls through the aisles on the trolley's prow.
Sit down, you say, it isn't safe,
but, arms outstretched to the world, Sophia shouts
her wish, her claim, her two- line love song:
I don't want to be safe
I want to be la la la.


vicki archer said...

Penny....I think this painting is very lovely. I hope you are enjoying your weekend, xv.

Julie said...

Your painting is lovely!!! You are so good with the watercolors! I was all set to take a watercolor class before my kids and grands moved ot the area, and then my life got too busy, but things are calming down maybe it is in my near future. We shall see. I hope you are enjoying your class (I know you are)!!! I love this poem! Makes me think of my 2 yr old granddaughter! Today is her B-day party!!! She is an adventurer, and shows no fear!!! Hehehe! Gotta watch her constantly! Have a wonderful day, Penny!

Julie said...

P.S. I am having a vision of how sweet your granddaughters must have looked flitting about in their ballet costumes with the photo shoot! How sweet!

Wanda..... said...

Your painting is charming, with it's calming colors, Penny!

shirley said...

Your watercolour vase is really good. I like it. I like this blog too

annie said...

That is such a lovely watercolor, Penny. I love it.

Wonderful images of the fairies in the orchard. And poem is delightful.


Gina said...

Beautiful painting. Hope you are recovering after your tumble.