Friday, August 13, 2010

oil pastel resist and stencil

I was fiddling around with the oil pastel resist I did last night and I had a stencil I was doing something else with and threw it on the is and sprayed with a silver moon shadow mist. It doesnt show the silver as in reality it is all sparkly and lovely but I like the way the stencil throws a shadow over the whole thing.
Not sure how relevant this is to stitching but as a background for paper its super.
If you follow my other blog you will see that this is relevant, again from Voices 1 it is by D H Lawrence.
Sea weed
Sea weed sways and sways and swirls
as if swaying were its form of stillness;
and if it flushes against fierce rock
it slips over it as shadows do, without hurting itself.


Heather said...

This design is lovely Penny. Just come to you via Gina 'Fan my Flame' and do hope your back will soon be better.

Gina said...

Great to see your experiments Penny. Wishing your back better soon.

ArtPropelled said...

Catching up with all your art. Love this one and your poppy heads in the latest post.