Saturday, August 14, 2010

I made mud

It is so long since I had any watercolour lessons I forgot all the rules about waiting for paint to dry and I made mud and splodges.
I think if I had stopped half way through I may have been ok, but of course when I got home I had to keep going and so made mud.
I really should know better.
I cant get the colour right in this scan either.
I suppose they do look a bit like daffodils.
I found in searching the bookcase, the one with many poetry books in it that there was an Australian Voices as well, I quite like this little verse by W Hart-Smith.

'Untidy room - untidy mind', he said
Oh what it is to have a mind uncluttered,
a simple mind, a mind without questions,
except about which side one's bread is buttered.


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

If theses Daffidol's were found here right now they'd look much like this! Lots of wind and rain. I still think you caught the essence of the flower, bright and cheerful no matter the weather!

Julie said...

You know, Penny, that this exact painting could have been done by a famous master! I'm thinking Monet! If you step back and really look at it, it is so lovely and I really love how it came out.

Sweet poem! This is why I try and keep my house picked up at my brain can be clearer! It works for me!!!

margaret said...

Tidiness is much on my mind lately - thanks for that poem!