Saturday, August 07, 2010

Small and silly

I am researching an article for the Welsh Pony and Cob Society of Australia on the formation of the first group here in South Australia. Harder than I thought as some how my box of minutes has gone missing so I am having to go through a lot of old newsletters etc. (I was an inaugural member and am now a past President of the Society and also an Honorary Life Member and was for many years the State publicity officer, as well as other things so I guess they thought I would know. I do but I have forgotten some of it!)
So not a lot of relevance on this blog but I did draw this last night while I was going through a rather nice book I bought while I was in London last year called Fashion Design Drawing Course by C Tatham and J Seaman. I bought it at the V & A heavens I could have done some very serious damage there.
I wondered if perhaps designing clothes was my thing! It isnt but the ideas in this book are good.
More from Voices 1, this is a nice little traditional two liner that is pretty appropriate at the moment as our broad beans were sown this week.

Sowing Beans

One for the mouse, one for the crow,
One to rot, one to grow.

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