Friday, August 27, 2010

Shiva stick and wrapping paper

I am sick of winter and will be glad to see sunny days and blue skies.
This is another of Gina's ideas, and this time I found the shiva sticks and a nice piece of wrapping paper from one of our Japanese trips. So once more my stencil of the poppy heads, using the shiva sticks on the paper which had a slight metallic design in it and then I painted over the top. Mindless enjoyable fun.
I am playing with other poppy patterns, I know I should do something else but at least these work and are relatively easy to cut out.
If I have time over the week end I will have a go using gelatin plates.
I am going to painting class tomorrow morning which should get me back into painting but Sunday and Monday are supposed to be clear and warmer so I hope to get into the garden I have seedlings I need to get out.
Not only am I sick of winter, I am sick of feeling tired.
I think maybe this quote from Ben Jonson is appropriate!
O health! health is the blessing of the rich!
the riches of the poor! who can buy thee at too dear a rate,
since there is no enjoying this world without thee?


Wanda..... said...

Hope you get to the bottom of the empty envelope, not lterally of course! :) I'm happy my 'envelope' from you didn't arrive that way, Penny! I'm still in awe of it!

Julie said...

Penny...what is making you feel so tired? Have you had a check up? Maybe the blasted weather...please get a check though...I surely want you feeling vibrant and healthy!!! Your stencels are so pretty...I know what you mean by "mindless, but enjoyable"!!! I try to kep my life kind of on that sort of track, I suppose. LOL!
I sure hope you can do a few gelatin prints this weekend...I will be so excited to see them!!! You do the most interesting work to me...loads of fun!
Take care...and hope you are feeling energetic soon!
xoxo- Julie

Gina said...

I've loved seeing your work as you've followed the project Penny. Hope you have a bit more energy soon.