Monday, August 30, 2010

Spring blossom

The flowering prunus by our bedroom door is flowering, I had to take this photo this morning as then we had blue sky, now it is overcast and threatening again. Not what was forecast.
After my tumble on the cliffs this morning ( see my other blog!) I sat while John collected the mail and did a couple of other jobs and sketched in the car park.
This is a mythical flower, out of the depths of my mind, something climbing on a trellis.
It was nice to feel a bit battered and bruised and mindlessly do this.
Here is a Haiku by So-In. I may have put this one up before, I cant remember.

Cherry blossoms, yes
They're beautiful...
But tonight
Don't miss the moon!


Sally Westcott said...

Penny! Love the sketch. Plum blossum is so pretty.

Look after all the sore bits! Thank goodness you didn't go over the cliff!!!!!!!


Wanda..... said...

Sweet that you can find solace in feeling battered and bruised...I remember having those same feelings after falling and breaking an ankle...I think it comes from being thankful nothing worse happened! Take care, Penny!

Julie said...

Goodness...tumbling on rocks is never good! You are gonna have to be more I have become afraid of some things out of fear of what could happen...keeps me out of a lot of gorgeous places, sadly. You have nerve, which is a good thing! Feel better, Penny!!!