Monday, August 09, 2010

Pages from my sketchbook

This is more of the stuff I have been playing with from Gina's little tutorial on sketchbooks , which you can find here.
I found this exercise really very liberating once I got into it. I went over the original inked sketches done with a feather and an end of a seed head and with my small view finder found bits I thought I liked and traced them off and then scanned them and made some larger as my originals were tiny and then played with them, some with cheap texters for colour, some I doooled and some I did some improvements on the originals. Well I thought they were improvements.
It has been a lot of fun and I can see more areas I could play with.
I spent all morning tidying up, once more, a work room, the other one now needs to be done and I still havent finished my research on our State RPG for the Welsh Pony and Cob Society of Australia, although I have found most of what I want..
My back is killing me for some reason but I have made an appointment with the physio for tomorrow. Roll on tomorrow.
Another snippet from Voices 1 this by Thomas Hardy.

Horses Abroad

Horses in horsecloths, stand in a row
On board the huge ship that at last lets go:
Whither are they sailing? They do not know,
Nor what for, nor how -
They are horses of war.


Julie said...

Ginqa sure has some awesome ideas for the sketchbook! Your sketxhes are so pretty all together like this! Such fun!

Hope the physio helps tomorrow!

Phillips said...

I like seeing your sketchbook. Just as a sketchbook should be. I love sketchbooks and they are so useful. I used to run a summer school sketchbook day course here to get people to relax and use one and persuade people about how useful they are.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

These are going so well and looking good together. We bounce ideas off one another and this direction sounds very good.

Anonymous said...

This is a FANTASTIC idea.I am going to try it!! I will contact you if my sketches prove fruitful!
Many thanks!!

Gina said...

I love what you have done with this Penny. Some beautiful inspiring images.

welcome to egypt said...

i like ur work


Great samples. I popped over here from Gina's blog

pam said...

Your sketches are fabulous - I would like the confidence to be able to try it - I read Gina's blog and it is so awe inspiring she is such a lovely lady