Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A little bit of practice

Thank you to all those who asked if I was alright after yesterdays bit of adventure. Sore and a bit battered but ok, and we even did a short walk this morning (see my other blog).
I have dusted the house but that is as far as I got as I was side tracked by trying a bit of painting practice.
I dont think any are particularly good and the last two are in my sketchbook with pretty awful paper so didnt quite do what I wanted them to do, and the bird is far too long, but it was fun. The washy flowers still dont look like much.
The first one was a practice in wet on wet and I had more fun with that.
I have been meaning to get my books out and do some more exercises and at last I am having a play.
Tomorrow is Adelaide and my mother, so I thought this quote by William Makepeace Thackeray could be appropriate.
Laughter is sunshine in a home.


Sally Westcott said...

"The Sketchbook" does have horrible paper! I'm trying all sorts of things to stop it going all wrinkly! You are giving me so much confidence to do stuff - keep it up!


Julie said...

I love the duck! Beautiful! You are so inspiring in your things you do and try and succeed at! Keep feeling better!

Angela said...

I like your sky it's very moody and the shape of your bird is lovely it's obviously a female with a figure like that.

annie said...

Watercolor--and wet on wet, at that-- is not easy on sketch paper and you are brave and persistent to keep at it. You inspire me to get at my sketchbooks more often. I agree with Angela, you have caught the moodiness of the sky...And please tippy toe around, carefully