Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hydrangea, oil pastel resist.

Gina is still giving me ideas in her sketchbook series, and I have known about this one but never tried it with oil pastels before.
On my desk is a bunch of dried hydrangea heads, the leaves are from my imagination. This then had some koh i noor ink/paint thrown over the top.
Fun and didnt take a lot of time and or thought which is good as I am tired after yesterday.
I have been having fun with the traditional verses I am finding in Voices 1 here is another.
A short Litany
From witches and wizards and longtail'd buzzards,
And creeping things that run in hedge bottoms,
Good Lord deliver us.


Julie said...

The ink thrown over the top brings it all together! Funny poem!!!

Gina said...

Lovely sketch Penny!