Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yet more poppies

I had a very solid morning at my painting class and came away with it not finished and too tired to try and finish it.
So I went back to the poppies, and I promise I will eventually translate them into cloth.
The first was a lino cut I had done over which I stenciled with shiva sticks more poppies. I then painted over this with watercolour paint to try and tie it all together but it hasnt shown up terribly well.
The second was playing with some caran d'ashe aquacolour sticks which of course bled a bit when I washed over them. Some of that was stencil and some just poor drawing!
It was supposed to be a sunny day but ended up gloomy and grey and cold again.
So to cheer myself up a quote on laughter by Francoise Sagan.

It's impossible to speak highly enough
of the virtues, the dangers and the power
of shared laughter.


Sally Westcott said...

Popppies are so much fun!

Yours are great!

I've had fun this afternoon with more poppies, pomegranate and pears. I'll post photos later.

You are so talented!


Angela said...

Hi Penny i've just found your blog via the comment you left on Gina's. It was the mention of poppies that made me pop over too have a look. They are my favourite flower.
Your drawings and paintings are inspirational and I love what you have done with the poppies.

Julie said...

These are just fantastic! I sure love what you do!!!