Thursday, August 26, 2010

More stencils and a disapointment

Here are a few more stencils done in my sketchbook with the negative and positive stencils glued to the page. I love this it is on going fun.
Gina has done a bit more on this but I havent had time to catch up see it here.
The disappointment is that of the Sketchbook Project run by the Art House Gallery in Brooklyn all I received was this envelope, with nothing in it and a note from the local postmaster saying that this is how it arrived.
I have emailed but dont know what the outcome will be. I dont know if it was opened or the sticky on the back wasnt strong enough.
The creek has been in flood and we are very soggy and still cold but at least at the moment the wind has calmed down a bit, but another front due through this evening.
Here is an anonymous poem from Voices 1. I am not sure what it means exactly but I like it.

Shine out , fair sun.

Shine out, fair sun, with all your heat,
show all your thousand-coloured light!
Black winter freezes to his seat;
the grey wolf howls he does so bite;
Crookt age on three knees creeps the street;
The boneless fish close quaking lies
and eats for cold his aching feet;
The stars in icicles arise;
Shine out, and make this winter night
our beauty's spring, our Prince of Light!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Sounds to me as though you are pretty desperate for Spring to arrive Penny. Sorry about that envelope, how disappointing.

Julie said...

the stencilling is so interesting!
the envelope being empty is so sad...the sender is probably very depressed over it...can you imagine!

Caroline said...

Hello Penny - thank you for visiting my blog and leading me here! I am a fan of poppies - I like your experiments with them. Brought some back from Europe with me last year and took lots of photos - I must do a blog post! So sorry to hear about your sketchbook - what a pity - hope they'll send you another!