Wednesday, August 04, 2010


With apologies to Basho

building nests,
a gum tree.

Adelaide today, still very cold and wet, my mother looked better, if she is or not time will tell.
John drove me up and back and said he could see why I came home so tired, it was a dreadful trip up, sheeting with rain.


Sally Westcott said...

Can we have some of your rain here in Hobart please? Pretty please!

We have a about 3 mls this winter! It is so dry!

I do hope your Mum is comfy and happy!

That is one hell of a fiesty crow! I love him!


Julie said...

How far is the drive to your Mom??? Sorry for all the sheeting rain...that must have been aweful to drive in!

Penny said...

I didnt realise you were so dry Sally, we are way below average but at least so far August is better, its just cold and wet and nothing grows!

Penny said...

Julie my mother is about a 3 hour round trip away, oh and you asked how far from the sea we were, about 20 minutes drive.