Sunday, February 28, 2010

The bay

I have some interesting photos but this was taken from one I took last week while we were walking, the most incredible skies and an almost flat sea with the Island just sitting there like a huge whale.
The skies are still not as I would like, and the scan isnt as true to colour as I would like either but I was quite pleased with this small watercolour.
It has been blowing like crazy today and the wind had whipped up the sea and I think people were waiting to see if we were going to see the tsunami but not much likelyhood of that here.
John and I went up to McLaren Vale today to look at a few galleries as I am feeling the need to see other peoples work. I will show some tomorrow as I havent done the photos yet.
We came home and had a not terribly long walk by the sea and then headed back as we had some ointment to put in one of the foals eyes, she has a nasty eye, probably a grass seed and may lose the sight in it. One of the nicest foals we have but sometimes these things happen.
As John says, when you have livestock you have to expect the best and the worst.
Talking of livestock we watched Hud on ABC2 last night, a young Paul Newman and done in 1963, we saw it then but I had forgotten a lot of it and as John said he doubted that it would be done like that now. The heartbreak of shooting the cattle after an outbreak of foot and mouth.
There was a lot more to this film than I remembered.
John actually sat and watched it with me, he doesnt watch a lot of television these days.
I wonder if this haiku by Issa is appropriate?
Old man with one ear
held close,
do I sound to you
like a buzzing gnat?

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Wanda said...

I find deeper meanings now too, in very old movies that I watched as a young girl. See so many things in a different light at this age!