Sunday, February 21, 2010

It is such fun to doodle.

This was my hearts from the other day and then I added to it. Such a lot of fun, It is amazing how things suddenly grow from lines and curves
John went fishing to day and I had a bad nightso was a bit slow today, the hoses needed shifting pretty regularly, and I had the winter Olympics on for as much of the day as they show it, high drama in the two man bob sled when our no 2 team and a couple of others went down upside down, looks bone shakingly horrible. So glad our little girl won her gold medal she did a wonderful job, so at least we got one gold, the winter Olympics are always a hard one for a country that doesnt have much snow, and so often what we have is not good snow. I think the bob sledders practice on the NSW beaches!
So what did I do? I finished a couple of things which I will put up on my other blog here which include a small box and a doll I am rather fond of.
But I also managed to do this small beach stone and cover it in wire, not easy, I was going to start with linen but didnt have any that was waxed so had a go at this, it was annoying as the wire kept on kinking but I did it, I thought as I am having a class in April with Mary Hepmansperger I needed to know if I could see to do this. I have her book so sat fiddling for most of the afternoon while John went fishing, and came home with a bucket full of fish.
Still hot and sticky, hotter than they thought it would be, and heating up through the week.
I think this Haiku is apt it is by Onitsura.
The slightest breeze
blows and the sky's dry
shell is filled
with the voice of pines.

4 comments: said...

Hi Penny,
Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog, being new to this blogging stuff it gave me a bit of a thrill ;-)
I had a look at your posting and admire your work.

Wanda said...

Penny, I really, really like what you did with the beach stone and your doodle is great, I remember the hearts. I have another blogging friend that posts her doodles.

Studio Sylvia said...

Hi Penny,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your thoughts. I love black and white drawings and your doodle drawing is lovely. Your wired stone looks good too. Haven't tried that myself.

Caroline said...

That's no doodle that's Zentangles!
I so Love it, isn't fun, how it just becomes a work all on its own!
The freedom of not caring how it comes out...
Give three people the same tangles and they come out so different! As you know; I am so envious of your scenic views! those pictures on the back valley are stunning!
I miss stoppin by your blog! That doll you did is WoW! It reminds me of an artist from the "village" (NYC) I know. She spent about a year with our gallery! Keep at it! You are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing with me.