Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The worker

The proportions are wrong.
I was trying to give an idea of movement.
I dont know how that huge knee got there.
Hot and sticky and hard to concentrate on anything.
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There must be a Haiku about mountains.
Here is one by Meisetsu.
Beyond the mountain
I watched the rainbow
the sage's vision.


Phyllis said...

This piece is very pleasing - and I think you succeeded very well in capturing the effort of movement. Well done!

nanke's stuff said...

I agree with Phyllis - I really like the simplicity of it and I also like the colors. Good job! nancy

raena said...

Wonderful job of capturing movement! And I like the simplicity of your style!

Kelly said...

I quite like that knee!! I love you ability to capture color and feel in a "less is more" style. I think that is very hard to do. As the others say, I like your style. It's very pleasing.