Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dead fish and a walk

I sketched this dead fish on our walk this afternoon.
We managed a cliff walk from Petrel Cove along to wards Kings Beach.
Not the full walk but about 3/4 of an hour which is the most I have managed for ages and there was quite a pull up off the beach but the knee so far has coped.
We were not sure what sort of fish perhaps one of the gurnards.
As you can see from the photos it is a nice little beach with fabulous views.
Windy and quite cool so a good day for trying this.
The girls are terribly pleased with themselves as our Cob stallion went to a big all breeds show today and came home with Champion ridden stallion, and he hasnt been under saddle for very long, didnt go Supreme ridden but did go Supreme led of Show which was great. He needs to go out a bit as he really hasnt been to very many shows at all and tends to get a bit nervous.
John didnt go fishing today as it was too windy so I had him home on Valentines day and tonight he is cooking pasta, so I am very spoilt.
I hope every one had a lovely day, not that we observe it much here, just say nice things to each other, certainly no gifts.
I am late, must see the Dr Who that is on, havent seen it before, this one is the end of time. I have been a Dr Who fan since the beginning.
Tonight's Haiku is by Joso
Ripe heads of barley
bent down by a rain,
narrow my pathway.


ArtPropelled said...

Lovely fish sketch. I wished myself onto that beach and could almost feel my toes in the sand. My husband is away fishing for a week at Kosi Bay but it is so hot they sleep all day and fish in the early or late hours.

Kelly said...

...Champion...congrats! Sounds like a very good day.

Lovely sketch of the fish. Usually I'd walk right by a dead time I might sketch one too! ...and I really love your imaginary bird from your previous post. So lovely and colorful!