Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lino cut

This was what I put on the cards I gave yesterday to two friends that I had lunch with.
We had a combined Grumpy Goddess lunch for two birthdays and a leave taking.
One of the birthdays was mine, well and truly gone and one for a friend who has hers later in the month and the one who is leaving is 83 and following her family to Melbourne, very brave of her but all her support base has gone here and she has sussed out all the quilt shops and I will visit when I go to see the family, she is quite positive about it all but I think the selling up and actual packing up has taken its toll.
So a fun lunch with lots of presents and chat, catching up with those I dont often see and an incredibly full and noisy Italian restaurant with good food and desserts to die for, I was good, my diet is still sort of holding out.
It is finally raining today, this morning I went over to see Tabby and Gaby was there and the small children so that was fun and we went out to look at her lovely Cob foals and I finally saw mine close up.
As I came home there was a bit of a wet road, then it started raining in earnest, lovely soft, steady rain.
Everything in the garden is singing and it has cooled down, in fact I may have to find a windcheater.
I thought this Haiku was appropriate, it is by Shiki
Frog-school competing
with lark-school
softly at dusk
in the art of song...


ArtPropelled said...

Hurray for soft rain and cooler weather. It has been 40C over the last few days . Today is a little cooler. Your linocut is beautiful in its simplicity.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love that haiku Penny - and the thought of gentle soft rain falling - snow here and very cold. I would love to see some photos of those foals sometime.