Friday, February 05, 2010


I wasnt going to blog today as I hadnt done a sketch or anything except finish this little owl. It was a freebie on cart before the horse blog here and is done on fabric but is all paint, I am not terribly good at doing this but he was fun to try.
It is amazingly cool here, but dry.
I had a fight with a shopping trolly when I was going back to the car this morning, a full shopping trolly, and the new development in their wisdom have made the areas that you can walk along slope, one which is under a verandah I have no idea why it was done as a full trolley has a mind of its own and heads towards the gutter and overturns. I was not at all pleased and ricked my back which has just been fixed. So I have had a bit of a slow day today.
No Haiku tonight, just a bit by me.
An owl
hooting in the dawn,
a scream
then silence.


Wanda said...

Sorry you had one of those days.
Almost everytime, I tend to get shopping carts/trollies that veer either to the left or right, which are difficult to handle anyway, when you are only 5'2".

Dubois said...

I like the owl. Supermarket trolleys are bad enough on a flat surface let alone a slope. Hope you are feeling better tonight.