Thursday, February 18, 2010

A tinny in the bay

I started this little painting a few days ago after one of our walks in at the bay but somehow I didnt get it finished before we went to Adelaide. I must re scan it at some time as I obviously have a pint mark on the scanners glass.
Had a busy and slightly traumatic couple of days as we were in Adelaide early on Tuesday and then P and I went wandering around the beachside suburbs and down to Port Adelaide, which unfortunately is being totally messed up with new developments and some of the lovely old buildings going and the whole atmosphere of the port is going into yuppie madness.
Politicians seem to think this is progress. We are in the run up to an election and I have to say I find the whole thing quite awful as money appears from no where to prop up a government who have become complacent and dare I say it probably a little bit corrupt. When it is all over who ever gets in will not be able to make good their stupid promises.
Any way we had a lovely day but it was tiring. John was in and out as he had a seminar and dinner.
On Wednesday as I was going down to see my mother I was told she had a fall and needed to go to one of the emergency hospitals, wonderful, I cant see to drive and they need up front money before they will treat her.
Finally sense was regained and there is now a new ambulance service which will send out a paramedic to asses the situation, so when I arrived she was being sutured in her bed by a very nice girl who was the paramedic. It was traumatic enough without her having to go to hospital. She had 4 stitches right in the back of the head but was being reasonably good about it all and even cracked a smile as I was leaving when I said that the bandage that looked like a turban around her head only needed a feather and a bright brooch and she would look like a 1920's flapper, her era.
Needless to say my day was a mess and I have had a pretty slow day today to get over all the excitement. Another sister was going to see her today. She is a very tough old bird for her 97 years.
So I leave tonight's entry with this haiku by Kyoshi
Deftly the new moon
a silver haiku
on the tips of waves.


annie said...

Sorry to hear about your mother but so glad they could send out a medic instead of putting her in the hospital. Must be so upsetting for you as well as for her.

I love the painting. What is done by big organizations and government in the name of progress makes me want to spit. They slowly chip away at what natural beauty that is left of our favorite places.


ArtPropelled said...

Such a charming painting. I love it!
So sorry about your tiring day Penny. A relief that you didn't have to trek all the way to an emergency hospital. The haiku conjures a pretty picture in one's mind.Uplifting after your mess of a day, I'm sure.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Golly gosh, you have had a day of it. Your poor Mum! And your political anxieties are hitting the spot. We are in a tizz about the waste of money on Melbourne, allowing city people to water much of their gardens by taking water from the farmers up north of the state, planning to light up a bridge, wanting to upgrade a sports centre which is fine as it is, and so on. I'm crook today with a bad back but pills are doing their job, but I've cancelled on three programs today.