Friday, February 26, 2010

Dock seed, a book and beach finds

The dock has all gone to seed and is in the most wonderful rusty reds and browns, I sketched these early and decided not to add colour, maybe one day.
They were against the fence where they hadnt been mown down in the spring.
This absolutely wonderful book arrived today, I had found it at a good price here at Booktopia but was I think the last copy they had.
I am going to have many hours wandering through the pages of illustrations from all areas of Africa.
Finally not today's collection of beach finds but some from the other day, lovely worn rocks and a few shells, rocks, rocks and more rocks find their way here.
This morning before we braved Woolworths (and I mean brave, it is under re construction and every time I go things are in different places, I hope this is the final stage of the movement. I spend far more time looking than buying.), sorry to get back, we went for a walk around the bay and there were lots of shells washed ashore so I have a fine collection but not sorted out yet.
It was getting warmer as we walked and has got really quite hot now.
Come on autumn and the end of daylight saving, although the powers that be have decreed that for some reason we are to get up in the dark until the end of the first week of April, not early March.
I want rain and cooler days to get into the garden although it is doing very well by itself at the moment, so long as I water it.
Here is a bit of nonsense by Issa.
Withered tufts of grass...
Once upon a time
there was, and is,
an old witch!


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Wanda said...

What is it about rocks...I have baskets and bowls filled with them, in every shape and size!

Joy said...

Hello Penny, I like the line drawing of your dock seed. I find it kind of sad that your lovely warm weather is winding down just as we are looking forward to warmth here in the midwest of the USA... I don't think you have the miserable cold winters down there like we do... I'm enjoying your photos of the gum tree and your watercolors. Your blog is restful and interesting. I enjoy your love of African art--it is quite striking and dramatic, isn't it? Have a wonderful day. I have been working on other matters and haven't been able to get around to the blogs like I'd like to. We were happy for Canada and the other countries to win medals also... all in all the Olympics were great fun to watch. I was on the edge of the couch many times.