Saturday, February 06, 2010

Crazy chickens

Sometimes I want to just play, actually I probably have wanted to do that for a few days, I dont want to do something realistic, which I am not terribly good at doing any way.
So I spent a bit of time wandering the blogs and came away with a feeling that it is alright to play and so these chickens were born.
I would dearly love to do "proper" chickens and roosters but my ability in that area is not very good.
We have had a lovely day down here today and before 10 am I had had a walk on the beach at Encounter Bay this time and the tide was way out, picked up a small wardrobe for Gaby and been to the supermarket where once again, well we wont go into that.
I have fiddled around doing things I have wanted to do for ages so feel at least something small has been achieved.
To nights Haiku is by Basho again.
bell chimes fade,
and the scent of blossom

spreads in the twilight.
I think this will be true tonight, I have a green arum lily that has a glorious scent and it is out at the moment.

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Joy said...

Hello Penny, I see you have stopped by my blog and become a follower--awesome! Thank you! I hope you enjoy it. I really like your chickens. I am the same way with drawing. For some reason, I cannot draw people or animals--the people end up having shoulders like (American) football players and with animals, the proportions are all 'off', with one leg fatter or shorter than the other. I have to stick with flowers or objects. But these chickens are quite charming, colorful and fun. You did have some good playtime! I will take a look around your blog a bit more. I like the haiku poems is my favorite:
Behind me the moon
brushes a shadow of pines
lightly on the floor. Kikaku

That poem gives me such a peacful feeling. Have a wonderful day! It will be fun for me to see what is happening in your part of the world!