Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Chooks

I have some chickens so back to trying to have a bit of fun with pen and colour. Not that my lot look anything like this but it was fun to try.
As you can see still trying to do hens and roosters in a bright and colourful way.
Very hot today again, but humid as well so we are managing with the fans.
John cut the grass by the bedroom door this morning with the hedge clippers as our lawn mowing fellow still hasnt arrived. It doesnt look too good but at least it is of a manageable length. I cut back a few other things that have made it difficult to negotiate the path.
Came in very hot and red faced.
We went in to the Market this morning and got the papers and then walked along the bay, a bit hot there as well but there was a breeze.
John was supposed to go fishing this morning but it has been very windy with some strong gusts off and on all day.
I have spent most of the day trying to finish some textile stuff but it is taking longer than I thought.
I have used this haiku before but somehow it seemed appropriate, it is by Kikaku.
The rooster, fighting,
his ruff of feathers,
thinks he's a lion!


annie said...

Love that haiku. That's a roster all over. And your picture is so happy and colorful.


annie said...

PS That's also a rooster all over.

Julie said...

I adore your colorful roosters!!! They reminded me of being in Key West and seeing them roaming freely down there! Such a fun atmosphere! Nice haiku too!!! Can't wait to see what you are doing with textiles!!!