Monday, February 22, 2010

Sketching at Goolwa

John had a meeting over at Goolwa which is about 1/2 an hours drive away where the Murray River enters the sea, when it can which isnt at the moment, and there is a lovely big surf beach.
They have filled up the bit of the river around Goolwa with water as at this time last year there was almost no water at all, I feel this gives a false impression of the state of the River Murray but that was the decision that was made.
Any way, politics etc aside I had a lovely morning wandering in to all the shops and only bought some remnant fabric from an interior design shop, only problem was it has labels left on it, and I wondered if any one had a clever idea of how to get them off, I can soak off the paper but am not sure if the glue will go with it or not, one piece definitely has glue on it. Any ideas will be gratefully accepted!
There were two interesting art galleries with new works in them as well, the one at Signal point was part of a larger one held in about 5 venues from Goolwa to Parachilna in the north called The Heysen Trail. I had a delightful wander, and the other had a lot of very interesting pastels in it by some one whose name I cant remember. I havent tried pastels but this stuff was really good.
I went down to the No 19 beacon and then came back to the beach and bought a cup of coffee at a rather nice kiosk cum cafe that seems to have opened there since last I came down. I had a wander on the beach after my coffee and then went back up to the river as I knew it was getting close to when John would finish and sat and sketched boats.
I love boats but I find getting them right ridiculously difficult.
It was a lovely few hours away from home and I should do it more often.
Another Haiku by Basho.
The darkening sea.
A wild duck calls -
in a blur of whiteness.


Wanda said...

Would rubbing alcohol hurt the fabric, Penny? That's what I use for other things. Your sketches are lovely.

PamelaB said...

Ifound your blog via Cornwall beside the sea- your heart doodle inspired me to experiment