Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Japanese Pin tail duck

While looking at the little ducks I bought in Japan a few years ago and looking at this lovely duck on the Hakodate birding blog I really did have to sketch it. It has these incredible white stripes on its wings, a pink bit on its bill and looks totally unlike any duck one thinks of.
It has been awfully hot and terribly humid here today, they keep on promising rain but so far we have seen none.
This of course means I will have to go out and turn on the hoses again as the garden is dry dry dry.
John decided to put a coat of paint on the bathroom, of all days to do this as the air con doesnt really like this weather so he has the fan and I feel terribly uncomfortable.
I have painted a doll, fiddled with a few things but really dont feel as if I have been productive at all.
This Haiku is pretty apt at the moment as the flies are biting here, it is by Issa.
In my small village
even the flies
aren't afraid
to bite a big man.

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Kelly said...

I like this pen and ink. What a beautiful duck with an incredible tail! I'd love to see one in person... You're sweating and hot, and we're freezing with grey all around!!